Collective Bargaining Agreement Sierra Leone

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Iluka recognizes the right of our employees to negotiate collective agreements. In each operational region of Australia, the terms of collective agreements are renewed approximately every four years through negotiations with workers` representatives. The majority of Sierra Rutile employees are covered by a collective agreement that is negotiated every three years with all mining companies in Sierra Leone and the United Mineworkers` Union. In 2019, a new three-year collective agreement was negotiated and agreed with the United Mine Workers Union. Iluka has a compensation-oriented compensation structure, which rewards employees for their know-how and contribution in a competitive manner. We respect the minimum working conditions provided by local laws, but the remuneration is paid according to a market that, for most workers, is much higher than the minimum rights. All employees have the option of obtaining additional incentive bonuses based on individual and operational performance. Premiums are provided in part in cash and In Iluka shares in Australia and a number of other countries. We are committed to a committed and collaborative relationship with our employees.

Iluka respects the right of our employees to freedom of association, including the right of everyone to join a trade union. Iluka does not question workers` union affiliation and does not keep union affiliation statistics. The collective agreement is due to the “Mine Scoreboard,” which sets out the rights and obligations of mining companies and their workers below the level of supervision. It covers pay scales, working time, allowances, overtime, benefits, training, health and safety, claim mechanisms and procedures. While Iluka makes significant operational changes, we provide timely information and advice to staff, in accordance with the mechanisms of relevant industrial instruments. We take into account the circumstances and needs of staff through consultation, and all reasonable steps will be taken to mitigate any negative effects of the changes on staff. On Wednesday, December 18, 2013, Dawnus signed a collective agreement with the United Mine Workers` Union of Sierra Leone. If you would like to know if this chapter is available in a previous edition of labour and labour law in print or PDF format, please contact us by email to learn more about the contributions to the Sierra Leone chapter on this guide. We offer flexible work arrangements and paid parental leave in all legal systems or beyond local legal requirements.