Uae Agreement Check

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So this is the procedure to get a copy of your UAE employment contract. Please note that this only applies if the company is registered under the Uae Ministry of Labour. We hope this tutorial will help you understand how to check your online contract for your reference and consciousness. Thank you for contacting us. It is best to check with the hospital where you work and take appropriate action. For more information, please contact the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratiization (MOHRE) at 971-4-607-3555. How can I verify that my work card and work permit have already been terminated!? If you work in the United Arab Emirates, it is best to familiarize yourself with the conditions mentioned in your employment contract. Instead of deleting a printed copy of your work letter every time you want to check a clause, you can simply check your UAE work card online through the MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resources) portal. Here is a complete procedure that explains how to check your online employment contract in the United Arab Emirates: please contact us.

Now your work card number is displayed on your card. If you have a copy of your work card, you can check and enter your work card number to check the status of your online contract. If you do not have a copy of your contract, we recommend that you call MOHRE at 800-60 to let them know that you have forgotten your work card number. You will ask for your registration information. As soon as you provide them with your information, you provide the exact number of your work card. – Go to this page — yes – Enter your work card number and other registration information – Look at your card and download a copy if you`re wondering how to check your VaE employment contract online with the MOHRE app. Here is a list of the simple steps that will help you. – Go to Mohre`s website – below the page, you can see the “Work Card Information” option — Click on it — enter your work card number and other registration information — Look at your work card and print a copy that MOHRE is actively making to ensure safety for both workers and employers in the United Arab Emirates.