Atlassian Customer Agreement

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1.4. Software Products Not Covered. These terms do not apply to our downloadable software (currently referred to as “servers” and “data centers”) whose use requires a separate license agreement with us. For accuracy, any client software (for example. B a mobile or desktop application) that we provide ourselves as part of the cloud products remains subject to these terms. 26.5. Comprehensive Agreement. These Terms represent the entire agreement between you and us regarding the Cloud Products and all other matters covered by these Terms, and supersede all prior or simultaneous oral or written communications, proposals and assurances between you and us regarding the Cloud Products or other matters covered by these Terms. No supply of an order or other business form that you use replaces or supplements the terms of these Terms, and such document is for administrative purposes only and has no legal effect. “End User” means a person who authorizes you or a partner to use the cloud products. For the avoidance of doubt: (a) People invited by your end users, b) people with managed accounts, and (c) people who interact with a cloud product as a customer are also considered end users. 27 General provisions. Any notification under this Agreement shall be made in writing.

We may notify you by email or through your account. Our communications are deemed to be sent to you on the first business day following shipment. .