Together Housing Tenancy Agreement

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Owners of safe tenants have the legal authority to modify (or modify) the lease through a consultation procedure. These rental key terms are only published by reference and do not constitute a legally binding contract, your actual lease is a legal document of which your copy must be kept in a safe place. If you agree on a new fixed deadline, we will ensure that your home is always suitable for you and your family. For example, you may have more children, or your children have grown up and left home. If your home is crowded, we may offer you to apply for a large property, although this does not prevent us from offering you another lease for your current home. Assignment is one of the ways in which a lease can be legally transferred from one person to another. Safe tenants can only be evacuated if the housing corporation receives a court order. He can apply for a court order if the housing management or housing corporation do not always accept an exchange. This means that if the deceased person was a successor (including a previous tenant), there is no estate of another family member. You lose all your rights as a tenant after assigning your rental to another person. In most cases, if you continue to live in the property, the person to whom you have assigned the lease will be your landlord. Your legal status is an excluded user.

If you rent to a housing company and share a bathroom, living room, or kitchen with other people who are not part of your household, you could be an uncertain tenant. An uncertain lease agreement may be a license agreement rather than a lease. Your rights depend a lot on what is written in your contract, so be sure to keep a copy. In the event of the death of an initiating tenant, the introductory tenancy agreement may be passed on to the tenant`s spouse or life partner or to a family member who lived with the introducer tenant during the 12 months preceding the tenant`s death. If you abandon your property without properly termlining your rental agreement, you will remain responsible for paying the rent to the lessor as well as your other responsibilities under the rental agreement. Your landlord may also be allowed to take back the property, remove any belongings you have left and charge you, as well as for ongoing repairs. .