Witches And Soldier In Agreement

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The Church taught that demonic beasts and witches were the favors of the devil sent to destroy humans and turn the continent into hell. They advocate the torture and execution of all that is in the four kingdoms, and that only by the grace of God and one person will be forgiven for their sins. The two factions then agreed on an agreement – Alice`s disciples would travel to Hermes and create a new holy city to implement the Church`s plan, while the remaining Taquila witches would remain in the ruins of the labyrinth for 100 years to study everything, with the Church providing them with the body of God`s penal army. At the end of this time, the Church would then return and recover all the research and not renegotiate. In order to restore the glory of witches after the victory over the demons, Alice had determined that the pope`s position had to be taken by an extraordinary. But extraordinary witches were very rare, and it was not always possible to find the ideal candidate. Therefore, a few prominent ordinary witches served as popes – but weakness and cowardice were like poisonous snakes in the heart that could never be taken away once they appeared. A mortal who served as archbishop at the time was afraid of one day being oppressed by witches and therefore usurped the position of pope. After that, the church was ruled by nothing more than a group of cowardly descendants who profited from the witch`s sacrifice. Despite Church`s hostility to witches, some of them were trained to become pure witches with promising abilities. They were convinced of the sin of witches, including themselves, and were trained to redeem themselves through service to the Church.

After that, on many occasions, the Church eliminated its remaining enemies, including mortals who did not belong to Starfall City. But the world order had already taken shape and, for lack of strength, the Church was never able to complete the unification of the continent. All this was due to Alice`s untimely death. It is believed that if she had lived, the battle of religions would have ended fifty years earlier, and after the Church had accepted all witches into its membership, she would have easily united the continent. No one expected the battle to last four hundred years. In order to implement their plan for the mass production of soldiers without resistance, they decided that witches could not continue to act in a superior and privileged position. The Union of Witches had to be dissolved and the past completely buried. In truth, after the fall of the Witches` Federation, the Church was founded by witches under Alice`s command. Believing that the only way to win the war against the demons was to use God`s army of punishment, Alice and her counsel decided on a course of action that would condemn countless future witches. Every soldier in the army was created by combining the blood of a witch with God`s retribution stone, then pouring it over a mortal to be absorbed through the skin, and creating a kind of thoughtless and willless super soldier at the expense of the witch. In addition, the success rate was not guaranteed, but it was believed that it was an effective use of a non-combatant witch, who made up 90% of her population. Using a soul transfer method discovered from certain ruins, other witches would then move their souls into these new bodies that were actually immortal.