Your Billing Agreement With Sony

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1.6. Any breach of these Terms by you or your child (if you accept these Terms on behalf of a child) may result in the temporary or permanent suspension of your console or account, including accounts you have created for a child under the age of 18 (“Child Accounts”) under your Account, and loss of access to Content associated with such Accounts. For more information, see section 12. The strange thing is that when I PayPal Sony is always listed there under my payment agreements. 7.1. Your Account is associated with a virtual wallet that may store funds from an external payment method (e.B credit card, PayPal account) or prepaid card vouchers or exchanges (“PSN Wallet”). Child accounts associated with your account do not have a separate wallet. All purchases made from a linked child account are made through your PSN balance. Some content on PSN may have features that allow your user information to be saved by a user and shared publicly with third parties, including users outside of PSN. You agree that third parties may record, use and distribute your information for any reason without restriction or compensation to you. Additional terms may apply, including the terms of a game publisher or service provider. Please read all terms and conditions carefully.

If you do not want your data to be used, recorded or disseminated, please do not use or access PSN. 12.5. Console Suspension. Once your PlayStation device is suspended, you will no longer be able to use that console to (a) access PSN with an account (even if you create a new one); (b) play games or game modes that require online access; or (c) access content purchased from PlayStation Store. You can still play all the disc games running on your console if they don`t need to connect to PSN to work. Edit: Actually, I got exactly the same thing after trying to buy something in the online store. I had just bought stuff on my PS4 like half an hour ago, so I think it was just a bug with the online store. I have always memorized my card and billing information. All you have to do is enter my password at checkout. Has anyone ever received this email PayPal? It`s just that tonight I`m buying DLC on my PC for the world at war.

I PayPal stored on the ps4 but not on the ps3, so I have to do it on the PC. The strange thing is that I had a missing transaction, either to click Cancel or to PayPal further when I make the purchase. 11.5. Ad-Supported Content. Ad-Supported Content is video content that contains or is displayed with advertising, marketing or other promotional materials (collectively, the “Promotional Materials”). Ad-supported content may be limited to be accessible from only one authorized device at a time. Promotional material may be displayed in or around ad-supported content in the manner that we or our advertising aid content partners (defined below). You acknowledge that Ad-Supported Content may contain, include, or be displayed with promotional materials that may delay or discontinue its reproduction. .