Physician Assistant Delegation Agreement Maryland

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If the Committee rejects the delegation of power referred to in Article A,2) or (C),(1) of this Regulation, the family physician and the medical assistant may appeal against the decision in accordance with the procedure described in Rule .12 of this Chapter. When notifying the Committee that a delegation agreement or extended obligation has been rejected, the physician`s assistant shall immediately cease to work under the agreement or the exercise of the previous function (i) a physician holding certificates reviewed by the hospital or outpatient surgical institution as a condition of employment, as an independent contractor or as a member of the medical staff supervising the physician`s assistant; (g) Rejection of the delegation agreement – termination of service. — A physician assistant who receives notice that the board has rejected a delegation agreement or an extended function under the delegation agreement will immediately cease to practice under the agreement or perform the function refused. (h) A senior supervising physician may not delegate medical procedures under a delegation agreement to more than four physician assistants at the same time, except in a hospital or in the following non-clinical facilities: (ii) the assistant supervising physician shall not supervise more than four physician assistants at the same time, except in a hospital, correctional facility, detention centre or public health facility; (i) have passed the National Physician Assistant Certification Examination conducted by the National Medical Assistants Certification Commission within the last 2 years; or (a) In general. — The Board of Directors shall submit to the Pharmacy Committee on a quarterly basis a list of physician assistants whose delegation agreements include the delegation of prescribing powers. In the case of existing delegation agreements, treating physicians may wish to maintain a written description that verifies the practice of the physician assistant in the health care facility. A supervising general practitioner who has submitted a delegation agreement in accordance with point E(1) of this Regulation authorising the performance of one or more advanced tasks in an environment other than a special establishment shall be entitled to a temporary letter of practice if the supervising physician and the physician assistant meet the following criteria: (e) rejection of the delegation agreement. The Council may reject any delegation agreement if it considers that: The PA may commence its work once the Council has received the delegation agreement and acknowledges receipt thereof in writing. Board staff will send confirmation letters by email to the PA and SPP. 3. Notwithstanding subsection (1) of this subsection, a supervising physician shall obtain the consent of the committee to a delegation agreement before his or her assistant may perform, monitor or maintain general anesthesia or neuroaxial anesthesia, including spinal and epidural techniques, under the agreement. (b) the specificity of the list.

— The list required under paragraph (a) of this section shall indicate whether each physician assistant has been delegated the authority to prescribe controlled hazardous substances, prescription drugs or medical devices. The Committee approves a delegation agreement or takes other action with respect to a delegation agreement within 90 days of receiving a complete delegation agreement, including all information from the physician assistant and the family physician. (i) establish a plan for the types of cases that require a medical treatment plan or that require the patient to be seen first or regularly by the supervising physician; and (a) In general. — If a delegation agreement does not contain extended tasks or if the advanced tasks have been approved in accordance with Article 15-302(c)(1) of this subtitle, a medical assistant may assume the functions under a delegation agreement on the day the delegation agreement is received by the Board. (1) The supervising physician has already been admitted to supervise one or more physician assistants in the performance of the extended activity; and (e) the Committee may hold a personal hearing of the senior supervising physician and the physician assistant. POs and PSPs must submit the completed delegation agreement and the corresponding fees to the Commission. The Council does not accept delegation agreements or walk-in visits by fax. The Council is no longer required to approve a delegation agreement before the PA begins its work if the delegation agreement does not include extensive tasks. (2) The physician`s assistant is not able to perform the assigned tasks safely. Upon receipt of a delegation agreement under which a physician assistant performs one or more advanced tasks in a location other than a special facility, the Committee forwards the agreement to the VIP and invites the VIP to make a recommendation to the Board.

The Committee submits its recommendation to the Committee for its consideration. If council rejects delegation under subsection E (1) of this order, the supervising physician and the physician assistant shall: (f) (1) In considering the Committee`s recommendation regarding a senior supervisor`s request to delegate advanced duties in accordance with a delegation agreement, the Board shall record: (3) The physician`s assistant shall enter a corresponding record in the patient`s medical record. (f) Rejection of the delegation agreement – Written notification. — If the council rejects a delegation agreement or the delegation of a function under an agreement, the council shall inform the senior supervising physician and the physician`s assistant in writing of the rejection. (iii) The period of supervision of the sub-supervisor in the absence of the supervising physician shall not exceed: b) Be under the direct supervision of the delegating physician or radiologist. (1) a description of the qualifications of the supervising physician and the physician assistant; c) (1) The Council may not require prior approval of a delegation agreement containing extended tasks when an extended task is performed in a hospital or outpatient surgical institution, provided that: § 15-302 – 3. List of physician assistants with delegated authority to write prescriptions for drugs or to exercise prescribing powers (8) A description prepared by the senior supervising physician of the process by which the physician`s practice is reviewed in accordance with practice and in accordance with applicable standards of acceptable medical practice; (5) A certificate held by the physician`s assistant: (c) Rejection of a pending delegation agreement. — Subject to subparagraph (d) of this article, where a delegation agreement is pending, upon receipt of a temporary letter of practice from the staff of the Committee, a physician assistant may perform the extended task if: (b) “pending” is defined. — In this section, “pending” means that a delegation agreement involving the delegation of advanced tasks in an environment that does not meet the requirements of Article 15-302(c)(1) of this subtitle has been executed and submitted to the Chamber for approval, but: § 15-302 -1. . .