PrimeTime-ebook-webPrime Time by Jeanine Binder

Time for Love #2

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The media …constantly in your face to get a photograph or even better, a scandal story to run on the cover of some trash newspaper. This is the price for fame and Nick Marshall had a running tab with all of the shady groups. He tries to lay low, not do anything to invite their attention but for some reason they had become relentless in their pursuit. What were they looking for? And God knows why all their efforts were centered on him.

Nick is able to ignore them for the most part until an incident with the paparazzi forces his beloved Kate from his side. Worried and frantic for her safety, a week goes by before he knows for sure she is still alive, but she still refuses to speak to him. After a life changing confrontation with his oldest brother, Nick knows it is Kate he needs in order to survive. Will she come back or will she simply disappear back into a life before him and his band. Can he find the way to show her how much he loves her? To bring her back in his life forever…