The goal of search engines

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The goal of search engines is to present content to searchers that is most likely to be helpful for their query. Search engines have developed algorithms that look at keyword similarity and the occurrence of text queries to generate accurate results.

Search engines take this a step further by analyzing the connections between pages, and that is where they attempt to separate the wheat from the chaff (visit Victorious to get all the details).

How Does Google’s Webmaster Tools Work?

Google’s webmaster tools are geared toward helping content owners protect themselves from deceptive practices by webmasters and webmasters who work for other organizations or search engines. While most webmasters use a number of tools to identify and combat bad practice by webmasters, Google’s webmaster tools are aimed specifically at preventing (among other things) “Google spider” pages and spammy sites.

Google Webmaster Tools is used to track the origin of page content. For instance, Google will track your web pages to determine if they are the work of a real person or company, and who is behind the web pages (which you can see in your Google Webmaster Tools report). This information allows search engines to confirm or deny the validity of those sites (for example, it might mean that the pages may not be the work of a real person).

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